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Bay Friendly Principles


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Benefits of Sustainability


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Concepts of Landscape Design


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Decision Making

Act Local

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The landscape locally principle is about knowing the site and complementing the design to create a beautiful, thriving, well-adapted landscape that really coordinates with its local ecosystem.

This means surveying for and taking into consideration things like, soil drainage, fire danger, microclimates and native habitats. This will be explained later during the design module.

Local plant communities provide a blueprint for how to successfully create a landscape that is both spectacular and successful. These plants have already adapted to grow strong and healthy in our native ecosystem.

Landscape locally and work with nature not against it:

  • Select and evaluate the site carefully
  • Assess the soil and test drainage
  • Survey and protect flora and fauna
  • Consider the potential for fire
  • Use local, natural plant communities as models

Read more about Act Local (PDF).​

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