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Bay Friendly Principles


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Benefits of Sustainability


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Concepts of Landscape Design


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Decision Making

Create Habitat

Sustainable Landscape Management

Biodiversity is one of the cornerstones of the Bay Area’s environmental stability. Too often, developed areas landscape with a monoculture of non-native plants, removing precious habitat.

The ecosystem works in a delicate balance and loss of habitat can remove food, water and shelter for integral parts of that balance.

A landscape that is diverse in plant species and provides habitat for wildlife will be healthier and more resistant to disease and pests.

Providing habitat in a landscape helps wildlife and the ecosystem as a whole:

  • Diversify
  • Choose California natives first
  • Provide water and shelter
  • Use organic pest management
  • Conserve or restore natural areas and wildlife corridors

​Learn more about Create Habitat​ (PDF)

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