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Bay Friendly Principles


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Decision Making

Protect Water & Air

Sustainable Landscape Management

Water and air quality depend on systems designed to eliminate pollution from entering the environment. Adherence to this principle will assure that a landscape is not only eliminating new pollution, but can also remove existing toxins.

Landscapes designed for rainwater retention prevent pollution run-off, erosion damage and give healthy soils a chance to break down and filter pollutants.

Planted trees not only absorb air pollutants, but they also remove CO2 from our atmosphere. Reducing fossil fuel consumption by maintenance equipment leads to cleaner air.

Designing for sustainability contributes to cleaner air and water:

  • Use integrated pest management
  • Prevent pest problems
  • Identify and monitor pest and beneficial populations
  • Educate others
  • Control pest problems with physical and mechanical methods
  • Control pest problems with biological controls
  • Control pest problems with the least toxic pesticide as a last resort
  • Eliminate high-input decorative lawns
  • Minimize site disturbance
  • Choose and maintain your materials, equipment and vehicles carefully
  • Keep soil and organic matter where it belongs
  • Minimize impervious surfaces
  • Plant and protect trees
  • Maintain and manage the irrigation system carefully
  • Design a system to capture and treat water​

​Read more about Protect Water & Air​ (PDF).​​​​

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