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Bay Friendly Principles


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Decision Making

Reduce Waste


One of the ways to reduce waste is by choosing the right plants. Plants that will fit within their location without the need to be trimmed and shaped will reduce both plant debris and maintenance time.

Plant debris that is created can be kept on-site to be grasscycled, used as mulch, composted or set out in green waste containers.

Using salvaged or recycled items prevents them from going to the landfill. Also, landscaping with materials that have recycled content is sustainable.

Reduce and recycle waste whenever possible:

  • Select appropriate plants
  • Choose plants to match the microclimate and soil conditions
  • Choose plants that can grow to their natural size in the space allotted them
  • Replace sheared hedges with plants that can grow to their natural shape and size
  • Do not plant invasive species
  • Grasscycle - Allow clipped grass to remain on lawn to naturally breakdown into nutrients
  • Produce mulch from plant debris
  • Compost plant debris
  • Prune selectively and properly
  • Water and fertilize judiciously
  • Use goats for controlling weeds and creating firebreaks
  • Use salvaged items and recycled content materials
  • Reduce and recycle waste
  • Separate plant debris for clean green discounts

Read more about Reduce Waste​ (PDF).​​​​

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