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Save Water

Sustainable Landscape Management

With the year-to-year threat of drought, water conservation has moved from a good idea to a mandated ordinance. 

Fortunately, high-efficiency irrigation techniques have been developed and there are many beautiful, native plants that have already adapted to our hot, dry summers.

There are even certified experts trained to audit and design irrigation systems to maximize efficiency.

Healthy soils, proper plants and well-designed irrigation systems are the backbone of landscape water conservation:

  • Create drought resistant soils with compost and mulch
  • Grow drought-tolerant, California-native or Mediterranean plants
  • Minimize lawn
  • Implement hydrozoning — grouping plants together by water needs
  • Design for on-site rainwater collection, recycled water or graywater use
  • Design and install high-efficiency irrigation systems
  • Install a dedicated meter to monitor landscape water-use
  • Manage irrigation according to need
  • Maintain the irrigation system so every drop counts
  • Request an irrigation audit

Read more about Save Water (PDF).

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