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Sequester Carbon

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Signs of climate change are becoming more evident. The cooler regions of our planet are warming quickly, and new global temperature records are being set.

As the effects of global warming begin to emerge locally, there are important landscaping activities that can help arrest climate change.

Healthy vegetation and soil that is rich in organic matter and beneficial microorganisms can help because they remove carbon dioxide from the air and store it as soil carbon.

Limiting the use of landfill, water, and fertilizer in landscapes will contribute to reductions in atmospheric CO2 as well.

Sequester carbon and reduce climate change:

  • Increase soil organic matter using compost and mulch
  • Plant trees to reduce energy use and remove CO2
  • Lower water consumption to reduce power used for pumping
  • Eliminate fertilizers to prevent excess nitrous oxide release
  • Compost organic debris to keep it out of the landfill

Read more about Sequester Carbon (PDF).


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