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Pest Control


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Fertilizing & Irrigation

Irrigation Check

Maintaining water to plants

Contrary to common perception, installed irrigation systems do not run entirely on their own. In order to maximize efficiency and ensure functionality, they do require a small amount of maintenance.

A simple, monthly visual inspection can spot leaks, overspray, water going to the wrong place or non-functioning components.  Dead or dying plants and persistently wet areas are indicators of system problems. Issues should be corrected or repaired.​

It is very important to update irrigation timers to reflect seasonal changes and the changing water needs of plants. Winter water needs will often be less than summer needs. Young plants will require more water than mature plants. For sustainability and efficiency, monthly adjustments are recommended; seasonal adjustments are mandatory. ​

When properly set-up, smart timers, also called “ET” or “weather-based” timers can automatically adjust the watering schedule based on a variety of factors. These timers are the most efficient way to control irrigation and can quickly pay for themselves in water savings. 

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